#04 @harshilpatel


Hey dTalkers!!

Ep #04 - Harshil is a mega driven content creator. He has been travelling the world this year (13 conuntries so far!) creating video content on his journey.

The videos range from video essays, one take talking videos to full production short stories. Harshil became a huge face of Dtube and with the soaring Steem prices earlier in the year, he managed to fund the majority of his travels using Steem.

Harshil has the dream to sell a show to Netflix and by watching his short stories you can really see this is a massive possibilty in happening. I've been a big fan of Harshil for a while and this chat has been a long time coming.

You can find Harshil on steemit at @harshilpatel or by heading over to:

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